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Help people pay attention and learn any subject! Make it fun to pay attention by presenting a funny, TV-style quiz show customized to fit your topic. Just write your quiz or review questions, name your show and choose some options. Gam show automatically includes a funny host, supermodel, music, sound effects and automatic scoring for up to 10 players or teams. High-quality show is ideal for trainers, teachers and presenters. Audiences love it!

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Help people pay attention to any subject! This presentation tool helps you make your message fun by creating a funny, customized game show to fit your topic and audience. This game show presentation shell takes care of all the details, so all you need to do is write your multiple-choice quiz, name your show and select some options. Game Show Presenter makes your quiz the centerpiece of a flashy game show featuring a funny host and supermodel, music, sound effect and automatic scoring for up to 10 players or teams. It's easy to do and audiences love it! The game show uses high quality graphics and sound so you can wow your audience, even when the subject matter is rather dull. Educators, trainers and presenters are getting rave reviews from audiences and helping students improve their scores with fun review game shows.

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